Integrated solution for MOTOTRBO™

SmartPTT is a dispatch software for MOTOTRBO™ professional digital two-way radio systems from Motorola Solutions.

Main features are Voice Recording, GPS Tracking, Network Monitoring, Telephone Interconnect, and much more.

SmartPTT provides full functional control and fleet management over the radio networks of any size and topology
based on MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, and Connect Plus.

Support radio system for any size


Control subscribers in a convenient dispatch console


Radio Dispatch


Lone Worker


Fleet Management

  • Two-way individual, group and all calls from SmartPTT Dispatch Console
  • Conference calls to individuals or groups
  • Recordingof all voice calls even individual between subscribers
  • Job Ticketing
  • Lone Worker and Man Down – safety features for workers, who are on duty alone or who operate in isolated areas
  • Hot keys for quick private and group calls
  • Calling Subscriber Identification
  • Remote monitoring
  • Emergency calls
  • Voice calls and text message exchange between dispatchers (Intercom)
  • Radio check
  • Call alert
  • Radio Kill/Channel Denial
  • Voice announcements
  • Flexible sound control
  • Customizable Subscriber Call windows
  • Subscriber categorization
  • Configurable profiles to manage access of dispatchers to control stations, groups, services, MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect slots
  • Channel Selector for switching channels at the control stations
  • Muting of talk groups
  • Deferred voice calls and messages

Maintain records of all activities


Events & Voice Logging

  • SmartPTT logs all system events (registration, voice calls, text message, status change, radio kill, telemetry signal, GPS location, phone calls) into database. SmartPTT uses MS SQL Serverfor storing the data (SmartPTT setup package includes MS SQL Express free edition).
  • Voice call recording in SmartPTT is done by saving sound files (MP3 format) to specified folder. For those files tags are set to easily identifying and grouping of the records.
  • Distributed event and voice data storage: logging can be done on both client and server side of SmartPTT software.
  • SmartPTT supports customized rules for event processing on both server and client side of the system.

Please Notice! Event viewer in SmartPTT Dispatcher Console has embedded functionality to filter, group and sort records displayed in the viewer. Besides that the flexible report engine is implemented in SmartPTT. It is possible to build different types of reports such as subscribers’ activity, subscriber’s location and past movement, channel loading.


Locate and control subscribers


GPS Tracking

  • Subscriber positioning in real time
  • Subscriber location history
  • Track animation
  • Track details and reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Track replay for a specific period of time
  • Speeding and stops control
  • Predefined routes
  • Automatic and manual location request
  • Different map formats supported (vector, raster, online)
  • Integration with Google Earth (export locations to KML)

Powerful functionality


Text & Data Transfer


Job Ticketing



  • Text Message Service. SmartPTT Dispatcher Console allows sending text message either to individual MOTOTRBO subscriber or group. Subscribers with the radio having display and keyboard can send text message back to the Dispatcher Console.
  • Email Gateway.Ability for email users to send text messages to the particular subscriber or talk group in MOTOTRBO radio network. Functionality to duplicate messages sent within the MOTOTRBO radio network to the email addresses specified in the Radioserver Configurator.
  • Job ticketing tool. Job ticketing tool in SmartPTT dispatch console allows a dispatcher to assign tasks to MOTOTRBO subscribers and follow the process of task completion. Convenient ticketing table provides quick tasks filtration by their name, status, recipient, creation time, and status change time.
  • Telemetry. SmartPTT Dispatcher Consoles allows controlling over GPIO contacts of MOTOTRBO subscriber radios.
  • Status Control. SmartPTT supports flexible list of statuses for subscribers. Every status can have its own color. Statuses can be assigned to subscribers, either from the dispatcher console or by pressing accessory button on subscriber radio. Status filter in the dispatcher console allows easy selection of the subscribers having specific status.

Convenience use of resources


Telephone Interconnect

  • Private, group and all-call radio calls from a telephone
  • Multiple concurrent channels to the telephone network
  • Possibility to limit radio subscribers authorized to make calls
  • Voice call recordings in MP3 or OGG format
  • Full duplex phone calls from and to Dispatch Console

Reliability, scalability & cost-effectiveness


Direct Ip Connection

  • Enhanced logging. Only direct IP connection based system has the ability to log all voice calls and text messages including private ones and collect the information about the repeater used for transmissions.
  • Support of Digital Telephone Patch. With the direct IP connection to IP Site Connect systems or standalone repeaters SmartPTT supports Motorola Digital Telephone Patch providing SIP interface to telephony and ability to do simultaneous phone calls to MOTOTRBO subscribers on both time slots.
  • Monitoring. SmartPPT monitoring service provides in-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO repeaters via direct IP connection.

Control your system performance



  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Network Topology
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Alarm Log & Notifications
  • Repeater control
  • Coverage map
  • Monitoring Analytics
  • Monitoring Reports

Access your system anywhere


Web Client

  • Voice calls from browser
  • Radio check and radio kill
  • Real-time GPS monitoring with detailed report
  • Text message exchange
  • Subscriber registration

Interconnect different systems


Radio Network Bridging

  • Ability to bridge different radio networks
  • Cross-Radioserver bridging to cover distributed regions
  • Selective voice and data routing
  • Dynamic routing for private and group calls
  • Direct connection to the repeaters via IP
  • Breaks the limit of 15 repeaters per IP Site Connect

Accessibility from virtually anywhere


Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile App to Radios & Dispatchers: When out of the radio coverage area or off-duty without a radio a mobile app user can still access the MOTOTRBO radio system and communicate with SmartPTT dispatchers and MOTOTRBO radio subscribers.
  • Radios to Mobile App: If a radio user needs to get in touch with a supervisor that is unavailable by radio, the radio user can call that supervisor through the radio system using the mobile application*. (Requires mobile app to run on the device)
  • Dispatchers to Mobile App: Dispatchers can exchange text messages and voice calls with mobile application users.