Secure Phone Calls

  • Cross-Platform- Android, iPhone
  • High performance even on low bandwidth networks
  • New Key every 200 Milliseconds
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  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Low power consumption
  • IP based push notification

Secure Text Messaging

  • Robust Secure End-to-End Text Messaging
  • Intuitive to use
  • Standards based encryption
  • IP-based messaging
  • IP “push” notifications conserve battery
  • Messages remain encrypted until viewed or displayed
  • Screenshots of messages, logs and other screens disabled
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Good for...

Government and Public Sector

Businesses:Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Pharma and Banking

Law Enforcement Agencies

SMEs, HNW and VIPs

Personal Security

Communication Security Features

Multi-platform Support

Supports iPhone and Android


Intuitive GUI

Contact Lits, Keypads, Favorites, And Call/Text Logs


Optimized for Mobile

Low Bandwidth Consumption VoIP Gateway, Push Notifications, Interoperable Apps


Ease of Deployment

Installed by MDM or by User via Apple Store™ or Google Play Store™


Robust Encryption

Phone call and Messaging security via software. TEE and MicroSD encryption


Flexible Hosting

TrustCenter and TrustRelay Server can be hosted and Managed by Koolspan or Deployed on-premise


Making a Secure, Encrypted Phone Call

Once TrustCall is installed on your mobile phone, making a secure, encrypted phone call is as simple as making regular mobile call


Trust call members simply open the TrsutCall app, and tap the contact call

The recipient's phone rings with TrustCall icon displayed on the screen, indicating a secure encrypted call is coming through. The recipient answers the call by tapping "Answer", like any other phone call.


Once the call is initiated, the devices transparently authenticate and connect. All voice communication is then encrypted and sent over a secure data channel

Secure, Simple and Smart


Robust and Reliable Security


Authentication Standard

Level I-III


Information Processing Standard

Level 1-3


Encrypction Standard