Universal Radio Chargers

IMPACT™ Universal Chargers utilize our fully interchangeable cup system to support most new and discontinued two-way radios. All units incorporate individual micro-processors that fully and safely support Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh and Li-Ion battery chemistries.


Surveillance Kits and Earpieces

IMPACT™ surveillance earphone kits for two-way radios come in three distinct series for every application and budget

Speaker Microphones

IMPACT™ speaker/shoulder microphones are built with heavy Kevlar re-enforced coil cables and are available in splash proof, rugged design, using only top quality audio components and a 3.5mm accessory jack.


Speaker Mic Accessories

The IMPACT™ listen only kits for IMPACT™ or other brand speaker/shoulder microphones plugs into any accessory jack.

Throat Mic/Bone Induction Mic


Radio Headsets

IMPACT™ two-way radio headsets are available in many different versions: over-the-head lightweight, single muff ear piece, temple transducer headsets, behind the head double muff, wireless PTT options and many more.

Audio Enhancements and Parts


Radio Connector Adapters

IMPACT™ introduces the 6 pin Hirose™ style in-line quick disconnect series.  The quick disconnect feature allows the user to quickly and easily attach and detach the accessory without detaching the UDC/connector from the radio.

Noise Cancelling Accessories

Our Noise Cancelling Series looks identical to most normal platinum products but are fitted with a background noise cancelling microphone which drastically reduces all background noise while maintaining crystal clear transmission.